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It is very simple. It just takes a few steps.
  •  Once you decide on your product, click “Add to Cart” to add products to your shopping cart.
  •  Click “cart” at any time to view items currently in your shopping cart. You can add as many products as you like.
  •  When you finish shopping, click “Proceed to Checkout”.
  •  Type in your email address and password to login. If you have an account or create an account (Click “New Customer” if you are not already a member and fill in all the fields. Please re-check your email address and make sure it is correct.)
  •  Packaging & Delivery charges are FREE ACROSS THE UK and EUROPE. Incorrect delivery would result in you not receiving your order.
  •  Please READ and understand our terms & conditions of sale and then tick the box.
  •  Click “Order Confirmation” to confirm your order.

Payment Terms
All payments must be received by us in our bank (cleared funds) before we can send the product(s).

  • We accepts Visa, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX & Bank Transfer. We use one of the most reliable secure payment systems available on the Internet: the SSL protocol. All of your personal details are protected and encrypted before they are sent for processing.
  • Bank Deposit
    Account Name : Just Clik Limited
    Type : Business Account
    Sort Code : 23-14-70
    Account Number : 23680722
Just Clik Limited
We get thousands of orders every week. Almost all the products listed on our website are usually in stocks in large qty. if it is out of stock, the product is ordered immediately and the products come into the stock within hours, If order required may take one or two days’ time unless there is no stock available.

Once you place the order, immediately you are sent an email automatically with the order number and payment details, additionally, a manual check is done (between 9 am – 12 midnight) for the stock availability and a stock confirmation email is sent. [ The order status is changed to ‘Pending for Payment’ or “Payment Received” for Credit card, Debit Card or Prepaid Card order. Please note that the order confirmation is valid for 24 hours only and payment must be received by us within that period.
Just Clik Limited

Once the order confirmation email is received by you, we must receive the total payment with order number. as reference within 24 hours. If the total payment is received in our bank account before 12 midnight, then usually, the order is sent within 2-3 working days, if the product is in stock.

Just Clik Limited

All Products comes with different warranty periods.

  • Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptop comes with 18 months warranty.
  • All types of Camera comes with 24 months warranty.
  • All Camera Lenses comes with 36 months warranty and extended warranty available for 2 years at only £100.00.

A product warranty is covered by Just Clik Limited only.

Our Warranty Claims working very smoothly. You just need to write us on customercare@justclik.co.uk for your problem. You will get Pre-Paid shipping label to ship back product to the nearest location for service. We will repair it and send it back to you without any extra cost.

Normally refund takes between 5-10 business days to complete the refund process.

Just Clik Limited

All orders are invoiced based on the complete payments received, with correct packaging & delivery charges paid before 12 midnight. Next step is to package the products. Once the package is sealed the packaging person scans the barcode of the courier ticket no.

As it scans, an email is automatically sent to the customer with this ticket number, at that instant. Then the package is sent to the Courier bin. The Courier companies come at various intervals and pick up the packages for delivery. They scan it and send the information to their databases. Courier updates the database the next day or later. Sometimes we have night shifts (as we receive hundreds of orders everyday) and an email will be sent to you in the night time, as the order is packaged. But the courier will pick up next day morning and the tracking can be done only after that.

Just Clik Limited

I have already been paid but I have not received the products. Why?

We send hundreds of orders every day. More than a thousand every week.

We handle this enormous task quite efficiently. Most processes are automated. But there is always 2-3 customers every month who miss out due to delay in receiving the payment or not following the proper procedure. Causes of delay:

  • Not making Order number as reference at the time of payment. In such cases, let us know the reference you made. We will do a manual search to identify your payment
  • Wrong selection of Packaging & Delivery. In such cases, we correct it and you will see the extra amount reflected in the new order total. Product will be sent only after this payment is received by us.
  • Short payment. Product will be sent only after complete payment is received.
  • Delay in receiving your payment. Consequently, product is out of stock. In such cases, we will send the product after we receive the next stocks. If you cannot wait then you can ask for refund.
  • We are awaiting a confirmation from you. Sometimes if you order incompatible parts we ask you to reconfirm the items in your order.
  • We might not have received your order. Make sure you have received an order number. When you click Order Success.